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Keep Rugby Tidy – Volunteers Wanted!

Living close to the River Avon by Tesco in Rugby, we have become very frustrated with the state of the river and path alongside it where often there is a big collection of litter and sometimes dumped trolleys from Tesco.

Recently we found out that we are not the only local residents disgusted with the mess, and in fact found the Rugby Borough Council using Twitter to reach out to Tesco to take more responsibility in keeping the surrounding area tidy. It was rewarding to see that just a few days after those tweets, Tesco were seen pulling the abandoned trolleys from the river!

The Twitter action even sparked an interview and coverage on local radio station, Rugby FM:

Volunteers WANTED!

So after some discussion with Sean Lawson of the council and Vicky Murphy, leader of GE Volunteers, we have decided between us to try and take action and launch the campaign Keep Rugby Tidy to encourage both local businesses and residents to help tidy up any litter in particular spot of the town.

There is an initial meeting regarding what can be done to keep the area tidy next week, details below:

When    Thursday Aug 14, 2014 6pm – 7pm

Where  Committee Room 1, Rugby Town Hall

Already, the council have managed to encourage KFC, McDonalds, Junction 1 and Warwickshire College to come along to the meeting and we are looking to attract more local residents to attend too, to come forward with any ideas or to volunteer their help to cleaning up the litter.

For more information, email us at compleocleaning@gmail.com and keep updated with news and progress at @KeepRugbyTidy on Twitter, or on Facebook or on the website which will be live soon.


  1. Cllr Neil Sandison-Reply
    September 9, 2014 at 10:12 am

    Great news about your litter pick espacially along the River Avon perhaps you should give Severn Trent a nudge their treatment plant needs attention.Perhaps i have another location you could consider The Great Central Way which runs from Abbey Street to Onley Lane

    • levi-Reply
      September 9, 2014 at 7:30 pm

      Hello Cllr Sandison,
      Thank you for your comment, and nudging Severn Trent is certainly something we can add to our agenda.
      I’m happy to consider The Great Central Way as our next target area to be tidied up – thank you for the suggestion, we’re really keen to expand this out to the rest of the town!

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