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To extend the lifetime of carpets, carpet manufacturers recommend that you have carpets cleaned every 18 months, unless they require more cleaning due to heavy soiling or stains. With years of experience in cleaning carpets professionally, Compleo Cleaning specialise in cleaning carpets to a very high standard. The cleaning solutions that we use are non-toxic and bio-degradable which means that all the germs and bacteria that collect in the fibres of your carpets are killed, leaving your carpets not just looking clean, but also leave them hygienically clean.

What to expect from our carpet cleaning service:

Professional cleaning, to the highest standard

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner will ensure your carpets are cleaned to the highest standard. Compared to the cleaning machines that can be hired from supermarket outlets, or the cleaning and stain removal products that are available to buy from supermarkets, Compleo Cleaning use industrial cleaning solutions which are much more effective in removing dirt and germs from the bottom of the carpet fibres.

The industrial-strength machinery we use is also designed to give carpets a much deeper clean, meaning that your carpets will stay cleaner for longer, and will create a healthier home environment for you and your family.

Areas we cover in Warwickshire, Northamptonshire & the Midlands

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Carpet Cleaning FAQs

What method of cleaning do you provide?

We use a highly powerful water extraction carpet cleaning machine, the Enforcer, which has a pressure of 400psi. (A Rug Doctor machine is only 20psi). We pre-spray the carpets with a non-toxic solution and gently agitate the dirt away from the fibres, before using our Enforcer machine which effectively “steam cleans” by applying and extracting water at a high pressure. This ensures all excess water and dirt is effectively extracted from the area, meaning your carpets will dry quickly, naturally.

How long does it take for the carpets to dry?

Typically, carpets will take 2-3 hours to dry through completely – they are only left slightly damp after cleaning so you can walk on them straight away, but with clean footwear only!

Are your cleaning solutions safe for people with allergies?

Yes, we only use non-toxic solutions that aren’t harmful to people with common allergies, children or pets.

How do you price a job?

We believe our prices are competitive and great value for the high standard of service we provide. We use one of the most powerful machines in the market, and use expensive cleaning solutions because we believe they get the best results (having tested several).

We are fully insured and our technicians are highly-skilled, experienced and trained, so you are more likely to get the best results possible, whereas less experienced technicians may cost you more in the long run if mistakes are made.

We have fantastic reviews from customers that we are proud of, and we advise that you check reviews on 3rd party sites like Yell, Google or Facebook when researching any company. Your carpets are an investment that you want to protect and maintain, and mistakes can be expensive, so make sure you choose wisely!